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"After doing various martial arts for many years I have accumulated quite a list of orthopedic injuries and surgeries. Always wanted to do BJJ but was concerned this may contribute to that list. After researching different schools and meeting Lou I decided to join Eagle Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Couldn't be happier with that decision. Felt welcome from day number one even with no grappling experience. Excellent instructor and great group of people to train with. Safety is utmost importance in class while still learning excellent BJJ. Plus best of all I enjoy BJJ even more than I thought I would and I started with big expectations"

David H.

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"As a female it is important to know how to defend yourself from any threat, whether it be a larger person, faster person, or just your average Joe. With this class I have learned that it doesn't matter how big your opponent is, as long as you know how to control the situation. I have been in Ljubo's class for many months now, and I encourage everyone and ESPECIALLY WOMEN to try his class! The teaching is individualized and Ljubo really makes sure you leave feeling confident about all the moves by the end of class. This is a great tool to have just in case and for sport as well!"

Carmen P.

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"I have been in this class for a little over a month thanks to Brent Moore. It has been a great class since the beginning, everyone was very welcoming and accepted me right away and we constantly teach each other the whole time. Even though the other guys have more experience they help me out when I'm doing moves, so I'm constantly learning and advancing. Over all it's super awesome!!!
The instructor is very easy going and takes time everyday to individually work with you and give you pointers.
From day one I have loved this! So if your at all interested you'll know after your first class. If it's for you or not, I'm personally hooked."

Alex W.

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"This class has been downright awesome! I've been going for about a month and a half now, and every session is something that I can look forward to. The instructor (Lou) is eager to teach all of his students the ins and outs of BJJ, and you can tell that it is his passion. Great atmosphere for ALL ages! I plan on training here for a long time!"


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"This classes are a great experience and are a great opportunity for individuals looking for self-defense for yourself or female friends as well! Family focused, and all ages of students are welome. Very team focus and safety is a priority for all students. They make you feel at home while learning very functional techniques for self-defense as well as competition. Also a local company and family owned."

Dustin K.

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