Learn Advanced Jiu-Jitsu Without the Uniform

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No-Gi training is a more modern form of Jiu-Jitsu. It focuses less on the grappling aspect and more on take-down elements. You'll still learn ways to force an attacker to submit, you'll just learn in a much different way because the Gi is not present.

The biggest advantages of no-Gi training

The biggest advantages of no-Gi training

While it may seem untraditional, no-Gi training still offers a number of unique benefits for those looking to learn martial arts. No-Gi training often:

  • Increases the speed of the battle
  • Promotes better control positioning
  • Exhibits reduced friction and less gripping

As with Gi training, No-Gi training can still be used to help you get in shape, increase your confidence and learn self-defense techniques. Whatever your goals may be, you'll reach them when you enroll at Eagle Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Academy.

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